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What's the second, most important aspect to Fantasy Rugby Draft other than winning your league? Not losing your league.

With League PRO, now you can crown a winner AND a loser. How else do you decide who pays for;

1. Your leagues Manager PRO season passes or
2. The draft day spread or
3. League PRO
This was our most popular feature request. With League PRO, leagues now have the ability to set the draft order.

A common way to decide a leagues draft order is based on the previous years results, either the reverse of last years rankings or the reverse of last years rankings gets to choose what draft order selection they want. You can have some fun with this e.g. horse races to define the draft order or Aussie Open finishing places to define the order.
With League PRO you can now decide which teams go into which conference.

Teams in the same conference play each other twice every season. You can build up conference rivalries by having the same teams in the same conference year after year or alternatively you can seed conferences based on previous seasons to ensure there isn't a 'weak' conference e.g. the top two teams from the previous year are in different conferences. Again, you can have some fun with this.
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Frequently asked questions

Can teams Add, Cut or Trade players in the Sacko bracket?

Yes. Each league must decide whether this should be allowed as it may influence the Championship bracket. The site won't restrict this.

What are the finer points of League PRO?

We have a detailed breakdown of League PRO in the How to Play section & some lawyer type bits in the Terms and Conditions.